How big are our booths?
The dimensions you will need to accommodate our booths are:
8 feet by 8 feet by 7 feet high.

Do we need electrical access?
Yes in order to accommodate our awesome flashing lights that make the Glitz booth just a big hit we do need access to two 120 Watt outlets.

How many people can fit?
The answer is many! 5-7 is a safe number. And should fellow partygoers want to see the action the back door can come down.

Do we sit or stand?
You have the option to choose either when you book the booth.
For weddings and Bat/Bar mitzvahs we recoomend sitting

For corporate standing may be the option you want to go.

Is there a tech on hand?
For whatever package you book there will be someone on hand to assist with techinical needs as well as scrabooks.

Will my photos be posted online?

Can I design a background image?
Yes you can have an image on your prints. You can even have a saying.
Please submit an image to our admin at mindi@msphotography.org in the form of a .jpg, Tiff, or .png

Can I have different printouts?
There are 5 different layouts you can choose from.